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for infants, children and adults.

Group Swim Classes are now in Airdrie Edmonton and Calgary NE!
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21st century education carries with it a mix of new challenges and promising tools. Our Swim School offers a flexible program, innovative techniques and fresh methodologies. But at the core of our mission lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.


This unique approach, together with our top quality faculty, makes Lil Bettas Swim School one of the best schools in Alberta. Founded in humble beginnings, Lil Bettas is sure to capture the spark inside every swimmer.

Our safety training provides Standard First Aid certification through the Life Saving Society. Our Babysitting and Safe at Home courses provide certification through our in-house training program. 

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How it works



With our swim classes, you have the flexibility to choose your schedule. Begin by choosing a package that best fits your family's needs. If you are looking for 2:1 swimming lessons, please send us an email.



After purchasing a package, we'll send you an email with a booking code. With this booking code, you will be able to book your classes online. Your booking code will come within 24 hours of your purchase.



Choose the location that you want to swim at. A calendar will pop up with up-to-date availability. You choose the days and times that work for you within our availability and use your booking code to book.



Choose the location that you want to swim at. A calendar will pop up with up-to-date availability. You choose the days and times that work for you within our availability and use your booking code to book.



Choose the location that you want to swim at. A calendar will pop up with up-to-date availability. You choose the days and times that work for you within our availability and use your booking code to book.

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Book into one of our Locations

To view all of the locations that we have available across Canada, click on the province name and it will take you to the list of locations for that specific province. If you have a suggestion for a location, please reach out to us directly.

Saskatchewan COMING SOON
  • Are swim caps and goggles a requirement for my child?
    It is a requirement of all of our swimmers. The goggles prevent eye infections and chlorine burns, and the swim caps prevent ear infections, and eardrum damage from submerging or jumping into the water, and keeps our pools hygienic!
  • Can my child swim in the pool or use the hot tub when it isn't their lesson time?
    As for being in the water, unfortunately, we cannot have children in the water unattended by our staff. Only swimmers can be in the pool during their scheduled times to maintain capacity! Siblings and any other families members are also prohibited from using the pool or hot tub.
  • Do we offer make-up classes if the child refuses to go in the pool?
    Hi if they refuse then unfortunately we would not be able to offer another spot for free. We do not see this happen however as our instructors are trained to assist and guide each child to feel comfortable. We do suggest that parents talk to their children about the lesson beforehand and discuss expectations. This helps the child prepare.
  • Will you receive a level certification with your lessons?
    While we do follow the general national guidelines for skills, we do not teach to specific levels. Our lessons are 1:1 so they are tailored to your child and each lesson builds on the previous one. With our model, it allows for swimmers to progress at their own pace, or take more time if they need it!
  • What are the pop-up classes?
    Pop-up classes are last-minute classes that we have available. Anyone can sign up for a pop-up class. We post pop-ups every morning on our FB page. We offer day of pop-ups and pop-ups for the following day.
  • What is the temperature of the water?
    The water is controlled by the hotel but it is kept within AHS guidelines. It is typically warmer than recreation facilities.
  • What happens if I want my child to go back to traditional lessons?
    If you want your child to go back to traditional lessons, you can check out the Life Saving Society's website where they break down the skills for each level and gauge where they are at and what level to put them in, or contact the facility where they will be taking the lessons and ask them for guidance.
  • Why is the same day pop-up class charging me $30 plus GST?
  • Can we request a specific instructor?
    Our instructors can vary at each location, though we strive for consistency as much as possible. They usually work the same days and times each week .
  • Does having a different instructor hinder my child's progress?
    No. Our children are incredible learners. The instructors are taught on how to pick up the child's skills and continue to move them forward. Having multiple instructors will in no way impede your child's progress when it comes to learning how to swim.
  • How do I see if there is more than 1 spot available?
    We do have multiple instructors working so booking in siblings each with their own instructor within the same time is certainly an option, depending on availability. To find out if more than 1 spot is available, select your location, select your date and time and once you've come to the page to enter in your child's info, a drop-down menu will appear for "Number of Participants' '. If available, you can then select the number for children to enroll in that time slot, each with their own instructor.
  • If I buy a class pass package, can they be used for the pop up classes?
    When you purchase a package, the booking code is set up for the cost of 1 regular full priced class. Pop-ups are a different price. I recommend using your package to book classes in advance and then supplement with pop-ups classes. That being said, you certainly can use the package that way, you just won't get the difference in class price back.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    We have a number of pricing packages available online which provide a discount . All of the packages are shareable between family members! The classes in the pass do not need to be divided evenly. For example: one child can take 7 and the other can take 3!
  • What happens once I purchase a package on your website?
    Once you purchase a package, you will receive an email with a booking code that you will use to book your classes. Please give us up to 24 hours to fill your order. You will receive an email once your order is filled and then you can begin to book your classes.
  • When booking lessons, are we booking lessons for a set weekly schedule?
    Our lessons give you the flexibility to choose your schedule within our availability. You are not purchasing a set series of classes.
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